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Michel McNinch has established a reputation for being able to capture the subtlety of human expression. Subjects are depicted in a formal pose or in a more candid atmosphere. Created on a commissioned basis in pastels or oils, the average size for her portraits measures 30 x 24. Michel was selected to paint a portrait of the Honorable Floyd D. Spence, U.S. Congressman, for the United States Postal Service.




These are paintings with the purpose of accurately reflecting a place in a particular time and mood. Commissioned landscapes offer not only a painted photographic rendition of a location, but also help recapture the emotions experienced in that place by the person requesting the commissioned work.


Works in Series


These groups of paintings are inspired by challenging and triumphant moments in life that the casual viewer of art might identify with or admire. The artist is showcasing here a talent in the accurate rendition of the image as well as her perceptive nature and ability to help the audience relate to and understand the message intended or to encourage the audience to draw new conclusions of their own.

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